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Road to the Open Day 7- 1/20/14


Coach’s Choice.




Front squat

Floor Press

* 15  minutes Front Squat to a peak triple over 7 sets. Then 3 sets of 3 EMOM at 80% of that day’s best triple

Floor Press: 7 sets of 3, increasing weight as needed or as possible on each set. 60 second rest between sets!7  minutes

Bonus work:

Perform 6 sets of 5 at 50% 1RM push press (from clean) 45 sec between sets

I know this is a lot , but it is timed so when the clock runs out, move on.


12 min amrap

5x chin-ups (sub jumping chins)

7x clapping push-up( if you can’t clap, just get some air between your hands and the ground)

9x goblet squat (53/26)


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