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Road to the Open Day 25 – 2/10/14


Coach’s Choice.





Thruster: 6 sets to work to a peak set of five, in between each set, perform ME pull ups. After working to a peak set of five, drop to 90% today’s peak five thruster and EMOM five reps for five minutes


BONUS WORK: 2 sets of ME HSPU with 2 min rest between attempts, then one set ME handstand hold


for time-

100 air squats
-rest 1 min-
100 push-ups
-rest 1 min-
50 air squats
-rest 30 sec-
50 push-ups
-rest 30 sec-
25 squats
25 push-ups

if your 50 rep time is more than half of your 100 rep, 25 burpee penalty(for each movement that you fail)

if your 25 rep time is more than half of your 50 rep, repeat the 50 reps of each movement that you fail.


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