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Road to the Open Day 31- 2/17/14

Yo Dog, Can I get a spot?

coach’s choice.

Thruster 8×3
Pull-up 4xME

8 sets to work to a peak set of THREE, in between every other set, perform ME pull ups. After working to a peak set of three, drop to 80% today’s peak three thruster and perform three sets of 8 with a 90s break between each set.


BONUS WORK: 3 sets of ME HSPU with 2 min rest between attempts.


5 rounds

1 min. ME Power Clean(135/95)
30 sec rest
1min. ME Wall Balls(25/16)
30 sec rest
1 min. ME Bar Facing Burpees
1 min rest

These rests are programmed so that you can go all out for each minute of work!

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