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April Fool’s Day 4/1/14

Coach’s Choice.

10 min EMOM  5xTTB (sub knees to elbows)

Floor Press
Superset W/

Floor Press: Work up to a peak set of six in the floor press over 8 sets, increasing the weight on the first six sets and repeating the heaviest weight twice

Superset each of these sets with a set of six weighted chin ups (Anyone that cannot do six total chin ups in one set should do as many chin ups as possible and then perform a 30-second “dead hang” in the chin up position, trying to keep their chin over the bar as long as possible)


6 rds
Kb snatch lunge walk (R) to end of room (35/18)
Kb Snatch lunge walk (L) back
5x box jump (30/24

*you will perform 1 snatch between every lunge step with same arm for the length of the room

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