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Strength Cycle Day 7 – 4/9/14


Coach’s Choice.


8x Snatch Complex +2 O/H Squats

Snatch complex of one snatch from just above the knees, one snatch from just below the knees, one snatch from the floor, plus 2 overhead squats. Perform 8  total sets, increasing the weight only if the lifter completes all three snatches and both overhead squats

Bonus work(to be done after the metcon): Perform 6 sets of the following series: 40 foot waiters walk each arm (with a KB) for 80ft total, 40ft farmers walk with a KB in each hand, 30-second side plank hold right side, 30-second side plank hold left side, 30 second plank hold in plank position (use weight if possible), rest 90 seconds between each set. (Do these outside if weather permits.)


Five rounds for max reps of:
1:00 Minute pull-ups, :30 second rest (sub jumping or ring rows)
1:00 Minute burpees, :30 second rest
1:00 Minute  thrusters, :30 second rest


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