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Strength Cycle Day 13 – 4/16/14

Coach’s Choice.

10 minutes of HSPU work

10 sets of snatch complex + 1 O/H Squat

Snatch complex of one snatch from just above the knees, two snatches from the floor, one overhead squat. Perform 8 to 10 total sets, increasing the weight only if the lifter completes all three snatches and the overhead squat


Bonus work: Perform 6 sets of the following series: 40 foot waiters walk each arm (with a KB) for 80ft total, 40ft farmers walk with a KB in each hand, 30-second side plank hold right side, 30-second side plank hold left side, 30 second plank hold in plank position (use weight if possible), rest 90 seconds between each set. (Do these outside if weather permits.)

4x 3 min amraps with 1 min rest between

3x Thruster (135,95)
4x Burpee
5x TTB (sub knee to elbow)

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