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Strength Cycle Day 18 – 4/22/14


Coach Billy Looking up to Lu!

Coach’s Choice.

Skill:10-15 minutes
HSPU progressions
-if you are good at hspu’s, practice HS walks.

8×6 Weighted Push-ups
superset w/
8×4 Pendlay Rows
Partner up or break into groups of 3. 
Perform 8 rounds of  6 weighted push ups supersetted with 4 Pendlay rows with a 60s break between the first four rounds and a 90 second break between the last four. Try to increase the weight each round if possible.


5 min amrap:
5x O/H Squat (95/65)
6x  Burpee lat jumps
-2 min rest-
5 min amrap:
5x Front Squat
6x Burpee lat jumps

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