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Strength Cycle Day 24 – 4/29/14


Coach’s Choice.

4 rds (not timed, but keep moving)
5xRing Pull-ups (sub ring rows)
30 sec L-sit hold

Weigthed Push-ups
superset W/
Pendlay Row
 superset of Weighted push up and Pendlay row. Partner up or break into groups of 3. 
Perform 10 rounds of 4 weighted push ups supersetted with 3 Pendlay rows with a 60s break between the first four rounds and a 90 second break between the last four. Try to increase the weight each rapid of possible.

12 min AMRAP
1x Hspu (sub with feet on box or Bands)
2x Kb swing(70/40)
3x Kb lunge(each leg)

-each round the reps increase like this: HSPU +1, KB swings+2, lunges+3
rd1: 1 2 3, rd2: 2 4 6, rd3, 3 6 9, rd 4: 4 8 12 etc…


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