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Strength Cycle Day 26 – 5/1/14

Coach’s Choice.

5 rds(not timed)
1x rope climb(sub 3 rope pulls)
Max effort Dubs
-if you are not proficient in double unders, work on them for a good minute or so each round.

Back Squat
super set w/
Push Jerks

-Perform 10 sets of three reps back squat, working to a peak in seven sets and repeating the heaviest weight three more times. Superset each set of squats with three power jerks from the floor (one clean, three jerks).

4 rounds
1 min: wall climb
1 min: TTB (sub KTE or V-ups)
~1 minute rest~
1 min: Wall Balls
1 min: Burpees
~1 minute rest~

– keep track of all reps!

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