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Strength Cycle Day 46 – 5/27/14


Coach’s Choice.

4×5, 3×15 O/H Squat
Superset W/
7×3 Snatch Grip DeadLift

Superset seven sets of overhead squats with snatch grip deadlifts. Perform four sets of five overhead squats, and then take three attempts at a peak set of 15 overhead squats. The goal is, over time (i.e., from now to the end of the summer), to attempt to perform 15 overhead squats at bodyweight (see:

Break up into groups of three; one person squats, one person deadlifts, one person rests.

For the overhead squats, either take the bar from the rack, or clean it to the shoulders, push press it overhead, lower onto the back and then jerk the weight up with a wide grip.

50 Shoulder to O/H(135/95)
50 Burpees
50 Shoulder to O/H
-every time the bar touches the ground, 10 sit-ups
-if you can’t do it RX’d make sure the weight is challenging!

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