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Summer of Strength – 6/10/14


1ooo M row

7×5 Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift
1×12 Deadlift @65% of 1 RM
Perform 7 sets of 5 snatch grip deadlifts from a deficit position. Do not drop the weight to the floor; instead, use a controlled lowering motion to spend more time under tension. Rest 90s to 2 min between sets. After the last round, drop to 65% of the heaviest weight used and perform one set of 12 deadlifts from a deficit. 
Beginners can stand on a flat floor or pair of 10lb plates. Intermediate deadlifters can stand on a pair of 25’s; experienced deadlifters should use a pair of 35lb plates or a pair of 25s with a board over the top.

Wood Chipper
100x Kb Swings (53/35)
80x Air Squats
60xKb DeadLift
40x Push-up
20x Goblet Squats
10x Burpee over KB
…then back up!

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