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Summer of Strength – 6/11/14

800 m Run

5×8 Weighted Push-up
5×6 Superset W/
Strict Press
2x ME push-up @55%
2xME press @55%
Partner into groups of 3. Superset five rounds of the following movements: One person performs 8 reps of weighted push ups, one person performs 6 reps of strict press (from the floor), one person rests (and helps the push-up member of the group put a plate on their back safely). 
After the last round, drop to 55% of the highest weight used for each movement and perform two rounds of max effort push ups, and two rounds of max effort presses.

4 min Max Effort
Burpee Pull-ups
-2 min rest-
5 min Amrap
10x WallBalls
10x WallBall sit-ups

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