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Summer of Strength – 6/14/14

Coach’s Choice.

6×6 Zercher Squats

Perform 6 sets of 6 reps (Start with as much as 40% of best 1RM Front squat). Add weight only if you complete all six reps. Focus on staying as upright as possible, keeping the shoulders back (avoid rounding), and learning how to breathe while holding a weight in that position. Substitute KB Goblet squats for anyone that cannot perform this movement due to injury. However, please note that the Zercher squat will be very useful for members still working to achieve mobility in the front or back squat, as it forces the hips into a deeper position in order to keep the chest upright.

*** Bring a Towel for the Bar***


Teams of 4
5 min. of max laps water ball carry
With 4 members for time:
12 rope climbs
120 TTB
200 Box Jumps
2 work while 2 hold kb’s

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