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Summer of Strength – 6/26/14

Gym Selfie

6x 250 row
rest 1:1


 6×3 Tempo Back Squat (Rest as needed)
2×6 @ 85% 2 min rest

Perform today’s back squats with a 3 second descent tempo and then explode up aggressively. Work up to a peak set of three in the back squat in 6 sets. Then drop to 85% of the heaviest weight used and perform 2 sets of 6 with two minutes rest between each of the final two sets.

20x Box Jumps (30/24)
15x Hang Clean Thruster (115/95)
400 m run
15x Box Jump
10x Hang Clean Thruster
400 m run
10x Box Jump
5x Hang Clean Thruster
400 m run

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