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Summer Of Strength 8/6/14

old school med-ball

Hip and Ankle Mobility

Back Squat

Work up to 85% of your best BKSQ using the following rep scheme: 5@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 2@75%, 1@80%, 1@85%. Then keep 85% on the bar and perform 3 sets of 3 “clusters” at 85%, where one cluster consists of one rep, re-rack the bar, count to 20, one rep, re-rack the bar, count to 20, one more rep, rest. Rest 90s between each set of three clusters.

50 WallBall
10 Russian Kb Swing
40 WallBall
20 Russian KB Swing
30 WallBall
30 Russian Kb Swing
20 WallBall
40 Russian Kb Swing
10 WallBall
50 Russian Kb Swing

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