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Fall into Strength 9/15/14


250 row
rest 1:1
250 row

Beginner Strength:
6×8 Back Squat

Advanced Strength:
Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes (6 sets)
1 Broad Jump
8 Back Squat
5 Strict Press

-warm-up in all 3 movements before the clock starts.
-Every 3 minutes complete 1 Broad Jump(note distance),8 Back Squats(try to increase load every set), and 5 Strict Press from the floor(try to increase load every set).

5 Rds (20 min Cap)
3 Power Clean(185/115)
3 Front Squat
3 Push-Jerk
20 Pull-ups
60 sec Rest
– the idea is to not put the bar down, so scale accordingly.

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