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Fall into Strength 11/1/14

Coach’s Choice.

Beginner Strength:
7×6 DeadLift
2 min rest between sets.

Advanced Strength:
14 Minute Clock
Even Minutes: 5 DeadLift( no higher than 70%)
Odd Minutes: 2 Power Clean + Jerk

Deadlift: Over 7 sets, work up to a peak set of five at no higher than 70% of the athlete’s 1RM deadlift. (This is very important.)

Power clean plus power jerk: Over 7 sets, work up to a peak double in the power clean plus power jerk (one rep equals one power clean followed by a power jerk). Go AHAP.

Teams of 2
150 WallBalls for time
2k row
Double Unders
-one Person works at a time
-partition as needed.

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