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Fall into Strength 11/14/14

Air Dyne
1 min moderate pace
1 min sprint
1 Min moderate
1 min sprint
25 pass throughs
25 pvc O/H squat
Hip/Shoulder/Ankle Mobility

Beginner Strength:
10x Snatch Complex
1 Snatch High Pull (from hang)
2 Power snatch (from floor)
-75 sec rest between sets-

Advanced Strength:
20 Minutes
Even: Hang Squat Snatch
Odd: 15 double Unders/ 30 Singles
-first 5 sets do doubles
-last 5 sets, heavy singles (go for a PR if it’s there!)

5 Rds
2 rope climb (6 Rope Pull)
20 Russian Swings(70/53)
20 Goblet Lunges

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