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Fall into Strength 12/1/14

4 rds
30 sec airdyne (decent pace)
3 strict pull-up ( sub negatives)
5 goblet squat (3 sec pause at bottom)
10 Double Mtn. Climbers
20 Double Under

Beginner Strength:
7×8 DeadLift
Rest 2 min between sets

– Beginners should focus on the mechanics of the deadlift and learning proper form.

Advanced Strength:
8 Rounds
8 DeadLift (work to peak)
5 Strict Press (work to peak)
5 Box Jump ( work to max height)
90 sec rest

20 Min Amrap
400 run
Max Effort  Front Squat (at 50% of 1 Rm)

-Bar must be taken from the floor, after the run you must do as many front squats as possible without putting the bar down.
– you score is total number of front squats.

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