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Fall into Strength 12/9/14

7 min
30 sec air dyne sprint
Max Effort L-sit hold
5 inch worms

Beginner Strength:
3 sets
max effort chin over the bar hold
rest 2 min between attempts

4×2 Negative Pull-ups (5 sec hold)
rest as needed
-focus on not letting your shoulders round forward and keep your chest to the sky.
5×8 strict Push-ups (use a light band if needed)
90 sec rest

Advanced Strength:
5 rounds
8 Weighted Pull-ups (try to go 5-10% heavier than last week)
60 sec rest
6 Weighted Push-upsĀ (try to go 5-10% heavier than last week)
60 sec rest

2 rounds
ME unweighted Pull-ups
60 sec rest
ME unweighted Push-ups
60 sec rest

5 Rounds
3 Muscle-up (sub 6 ring row & 6 dip)
10 WallBall (unbroken)
15 KB Swings (unbroken)
-all reps for wall ball and swings must go unbroken, penalty is to start from 0.




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