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Holiday Week 12/27/14

Today we have no strength, but 3 wods!
Get here on time or early and start warming up!
Wod 1 will start by 10 after !
500M row
Hip and Shoulder Mobility

Wod 1
5 rounds  (10 min cap)
3 KB snatch (right arm) 53/35
3 KB snatch (left arm)
3 KB clean (right)
3 KB clean (left)
3 KB thruster (right)
3 KB thruster (left)
-all done with the same KB,  without letting it go (except to switch hands)

10 min rest

Wod 2
10 Min Amrap
5/3 Pull-ups
10 WallBalls

10 min rest

Wod 3
10 minutes to accumulate as many burpees and double unders as possible!
-partion any way you want, rest whenever you want!

Wod 1- time
Wod 2- Rounds finished
Wod 3- total number of burpees and Dubs.

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