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Winter Work 2/2/15


4 rds
30 sec Air Dyne
5 Push-up
10 Air Squat
Max Effort L-sit hold (floor or parallette)

Beginner Strength
7×5 Clean and Jerk
-75 sec rest
-work on perfecting the mechanics.

Advanced Strength:
8 sets
5 Clean
60 sec rest
5 Strict Press
60 sec rest
-work to a peak in both movements
-try to tap and go on the earlier sets.

For Time:
with a running clock for 17 mins
1 K row
5 Curtis P’s (95/65)
5 Burpee over bar

Curtis P=
1 Clean
1 Lunge (R)
1 Lunge (L)
1 Push-Press

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