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Week 1 of the Open! 2/23/15

Note that we are  de-loading in anticipation of the open. This should be a very light week to focus on skill/ movement, and recovery from the past few months of training.

The open workouts will take place on Saturday for the next 5 weeks from 10-12. Come in 15-20 minutes early, warm-up and find out what heat you’re in. If you can’t make it on Saturdays, let one of the coaches know and arrangements will be made for you to complete the workouts.

Hip and Shoulder Mobility
10 minutes of Pistol and/or Double Under practice

7 sets
5 DeadLift (no heavier than 65%)
5 Push-Press (no heavier than 65%)
60 sec rest
– stay true to the rest!
-stay within the  percentage and work on perfect form.

30 C&J for time (135/95)
-scale as needed


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