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Summer of Strength 6/17/15


What up Nicky!

1 K Row
Shoulder Stability (YTM)

Beginner Strength:
16 Minutes
Even- 3 Chin-up
Odd- 4 Half Kneeling Press
-Athletes that cannot do a full chin up should do 2 rounds of a 15 second hold over the bar followed by six rounds of a 5-8 second controlled descent
-Half-kneeling press: all beginning athletes should do 4 half-kneeling presses per arm with the HEAVIEST KB they can handle (reps 3 and 4 should be tough)

Advanced Strength:
16 Minutes (8 sets)
Even- 4 Weighted Pull-ups
Odd- 3 Strict Press

3 min Amrap
10 Goblet Squat
1 min rest
4 min Amrap
10 Deficit Push-up
20 Jumping Lunges
1 min rest
5 min Amrap
15 Empty bar thrusters
10 Sit-ups




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