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Summer of Strength 6/30/15


Probably one of the best pics I’ve seen. Most people don’t know a back can look like that!

10 Min of Skill Work
Dubs/ HSPU/ Pull-ups
-athlete may choose to work on one or all suggested.

Beginner Strength:
1×5 Muscle Clean
60 sec rest
2×3 High Hang Clean
60 sec rest
Every 90 sec for 12 Minutes (8 sets)
3 Squat Clean
-work to a peak.

Advanced Strength:
18 Minutes
1 Clean Pull
2 Squat Clean
3 Push Press
– work to a peak.

50 WallBall
10 KB PushPress (R) 53/35
10 KB PushPress (L)
40 Kb Swing
10 KB PushPress (R)
10 KB PushPress (L)
30 Burpee
10 KB PushPress (R)
10 KB PushPress (L)
20 Pull-Up
10 KB PushPress (R)
10 KB PushPress (L)

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