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Summer of Strength 8/22/15

Coach’s Choice.

Flip Your Fate!
Teams of 2
3 rds (40 min cap)
Flip#1- Head= 200 M run/ Tails= 200 M med Ball run
Flip#2- Head= 30 Box Jump/ Tails= Squat to Box Jump
Flip#3- Head= 40 Push-up/ Tails= 40 HR push-up
Flip#4- Head= 40 WallBall/ Tails= 40 Double Squat WallBall
Flip#5- Head= 50 Russian Kb Swings/ Tails= 50 Kb Swings
Flip#6- Head= 50 Sit-up/ Tails= 50 WallBall Sit-up
Flip#7- Head= 30 Goblet Squat/ Tails= 30 Goblet Lunge
Flip#8- Head= 30 Burpees/ Tails= 50 Burpees
-each team will have their own coin.
-1 works/ 1 rests.

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