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Let The Kids Play


Dave’s Back

3 Minutes of run/ row or AD
3 minutes of Mobility focusing on
Ankles/ Hips/ Shoulders
3-4  minutes prep work
single leg rdl x 10/side
goblet squats x 10
kb swings x 10
jump squats  x10
scap pull ups x 10
push up plus  x10

Every 2 min for 18 minutes
3 Front Squat
4 Tempo Ring Pull-up ring row (4 sec up/ 4 sec down)
8 Kb Reverse Fly
– work to a peak

5 Rds
10 Kb Snatch (R)
10 Burpees over the Bell
10 Kb Snatch (L)
20 Double Unders
30 sec rest between rds

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