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Count Down to 2016

500 M row (easy pace)

Banded Shoulder Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Lunge Stretch
Down Dog Pose
Puppy Dog Pose

Movement Prep
2 rds
10 Kb Swing
10 Wall Slides
10 O/H Squat

10 minutes of Skill Work
Athlete’s Choice

20 minute Cap
Run 400 meters
30 one-arm snatches, left arm (53/35)
30 one-arm snatches, right arm
30 Goblet Lunge
Run 400 meters
20 one-arm snatches, left arm
20 one-arm snatches, right arm
20 Goblet Lunge
Run 400 meters
10 one-arm snatches, left arm
10 one-arm snatches, right arm
10 Goblet Lunge
Run 400 meters

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