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2 rds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Goblet Squat
10 Snatch Balance

Banded Shoulder Stretches
Thread The needle Pose
Puppy Dog Pose
Saddle Stretch
Lunge Stretch

Every 3 minutes for 21
2 Power Snatch
Max Over Head Squats (limit 5)
-every 3 minutes you complete 2 power snatch (tap& go), then complete as many O/H squats as possible up to 5. Make sure to be thoroughly warmed up.

2 rds
25 WallBall Sit-up
10 Box Jump
5 Ring Dip
25 BallSlam
10 Box Jump
5 Ring Dip
25 Flutter Kick (4 count)
10 Box Jump
5 Ring Dip

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