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Who’s Gonna Move Some Weight?!

IMG_3425* Today is a rest day if you are doing 16.2 on Saturday.
*If You have to do it today, make sure you coordinate to have a coach judge you.
*For all other Athletes not competing…
1 min AD (easy pace)
10 Goblet Squat
10 Bottom Up Kb Press
10 Banded X Walk
1 Min AD Sprint

20 Minutes
3 Front Squat@ 75%
5 Db Strict Press

30 Kb Swing(53/35)
20 Ring Dip
10 Kb Step up(53/35)
25 Kb Swing
15 Ring Dip
10 Kb Step up
20 Kb Swing
10 Ring Dip
10 Kb Step-up
15 Kb Swing
5 Ring Dip
10 Kb Step-up

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