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Basic Instinct

3 rds
10 Cal Row
10 Double Mtn Climber
10 O/H Squat
10 Pass Through
10 Russian Swings

20 minutes to work on weakness
HSPU, Kipping, Dubs… Etc..

Optional Strength (for those not going to OLY class)
10 Minutes
2 Hang Snatch
10 Minutes
2 Hang Clean + 2 Jerk
-work to a peak in both movements

3 rds
400 m Run
20 Db or KB Push Press (50/30)
Farmer’s Carry to Stop sign
50 Double Unders
Cash out : Burpee Penalty
*5 Burpee Penalty every time Db’s are put down.
** Everyone has to do a minimum of 15 Burpee + any extra penalty incurred.

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