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2 rds
15 Up/Down
1 Bear Crawl
15 DBL Mtn Climber
15 Air Squat
1 Lap Lunge
15 Ring Row

15 minutes
4 sets
10 DeadLift
10 Bulgarian Split Squat 5 per leg (w/Kb’s in front rack)
5 minutes
Buy In: 10 Burpees
Hang Squat Clean Thruster (for total poundage )
-5 burpee penalty every time the bar is put down.
-5 min rest
5 rds
10 TTB (sub 20 Knee Raise)
1 Lap Farmer’s Carry (70/44)
*Each athlete will choose his/her own weight, you score is weight x reps.
**Hint** going heavy will not necessarily give you a better score.

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