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The Eve of 2017

This year was a very big year for our PHL family. We’ve gained many new members and welcomed the ┬ábirth of several little ones, but our family has also endured the passing of cherished loved ones. We left our old home and moved into a beautiful new one with the help and support of the family. We’ve had highs, lows and everything in-between. We stayed strong as a community and as a family, so with the closing of 2016 we’re doing the exact workout that we started this year with. Let’s put 2016 to rest and let 2017 know that we’re gonna kick it’s ass!
Coach’s Choice.

Skill Work:
15 minutes to work on Any of these skills
Pistols/ Dubs/ HSPU/ Kipping

20 minute
60 Cal Row
50 Kb Snatches (53/35)
40 Burpees Over Partner (partner holds plank)
30 Pistols

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