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CrossFit Trainer

Recognized as Best of Philly 2010: Trainer for the Weak-Willed, Holly Waters brings passion and creativity to the fitness world. Her philosophy of having fun can be found in her personal training sessions, group classes, and personal fitness endeavors. She finds joy in every aspect of fitness and thrives on mixing up the monotony of exercise routines by flipping tires, climbing ropes, and creating challenging land and water obstacles. Holly works closely with each athlete to identify personal preferences in the gym to develop a unique training experience.

Holly is a consummate athlete whose passion for swimming and fitness began early in her childhood. Her father, a former Navy sailor, entered her in her first race at age 5. Holly has remained an endurance enthusiast and athlete ever since. She was recruited by Drexel University’s cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and swimming teams and enjoyed being a leader and motivator at each and every practice and/or competition.

The fact that she goes out of her way to support her clients in every way is what makes Holly irreplaceable. Whether it’s sending encouraging emails and texts or having a Valentine’s Day party for her Wonder Trek class, Holly works hard at cultivating relationships and building trust with the people with whom she works.

As a lululemon Ambassador, Holly works with the community to motivate and inspire people to reach their personal goals. Miss Waters dedicates herself to being aware of the newest techniques and trends in her industry in order to continually create dynamic, explosive, and challenging workouts.



  • ECITS PT and GF Instructor, ACE
  • Crossfit Level 1 and Endurance
  • TRX, Kettlebell Concepts,